Gratia Reflections aims to help Catholics deepen their faith

Gratia Reflections aims to help Catholics deepen their faith, and celebrate the Rosary anew, by illuminating the fullness and unending beauty of the church through devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She who, in the words of Dante, “so ennobled human nature that its very Creator did not disdain to share in it”; she who was given to us from the cross by her son, “Behold your mother”; she who, through her prayers and intercession has converted countless souls, triumphed in legendary battles, and crushed the head of the serpent. Mary Our Mother, Our Lady of Victory, Queen of Heaven, whose role and purpose in salvation history is to bring us closer to her son, Jesus Christ, and in doing so, to help us preserve the future of humanity.

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“It’s not often in this church we have to point seats out to people,” remarked Father Andrew he surveyed the sizeable group gathered in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen...The extraordinary crowd of more than 100—which actually spilled outside of the chapel—prayed an extraordinary rosary, created by the parish’s men’s club, the Men of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

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Zeal • Courage • Gallantry • Humility • Loyalty

These five virtues substitute for the traditional mysteries in a rosary specially envisioned for men, called the “Men of Virtue Rosary,” a collaborative work by a faith-filled parishioner, a priest and the Holy Spirit.

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Our rosaries have been prayed around the world: